How to order our products?

  1. Order through the system in our website. Just click “Add to cart” button under the required product and fill your information completely for accurate sending.
  2. When we received your order, we will contact you on business hours: Monday to Saturday at 8:30-18:30 o'clock within 2 hours, if a client orders outside of business hours, we will contact you within the morning of the next day.
  3. Please advise valid contact information, for example contact number or e-mail, to protect miss sent.
  4. Settle payment in amount of your order to the saving account Siam Commercial Bank of Thailand, Sukhumvit 71 branch account number 071-254390-4 account Name: S.K.A. Sports Co.,Ltd., then send confirmation payment to e-mail
  5. Or choose and shop our products directly from our stores around Thailand or from our head office.

* To order several product at once, click "Add to cart" button at the product which you want to purchase them. Touch it By entering an address, contact details in the product cart at left corner after selecting all products are finished. This will help you not to fill multiple duplicate times.



How to deliver our products?


  1. In case of registered parcel post, we have both domestic and international service.
  2. Bangkok customers will received the Product within 2-3 days, while provincial and international customers receiving within 5-7 days.
  3. In case of wholesale order, please contact (+66) 2-374-3771 or Emai :
  4. Or get the product directly from our head office.




Transfer payment to the saving account below;

Siam Commercial Bank, Sukhumvit 71 branch 

Account number: 071-254390-4 Account Name: S.K.A. Sports Co.,Ltd.





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