Molten PU cover football,  size 5.

VANTAGGIO printed ; Blue / Yellow / Gray.

Standard size and weight.         



560 THB

  • 171เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    FVA-5000A FIFA APPROVED. Premium high gloss PU cover. Patented ACENTEC™ Cross-fusion bonding technology, Enhanced multi-layer architecture,Optimized panel constructionand Mol...
    2,050 THB

  • 173เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    VG-4000Y High gross PU cover, size 5 only. WithACENTEC technology, IMS approved. VANTAGGIO printed ;Yellow/Gold/Black. Standard size and weight.
    1,290 THB

  • 50เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    Molten PU cover football,size 5. VANTAGGIO printed ;Yellow / Gray. Standard size and weight.
    560 THB

  • 87เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    IS5SL, High gross PU cover, Black-White,size 5. Standard size and weight.Used for Mahanakorn Games and College of Physical education Match.
    590 THB

  • 149เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    S5V, PVC football,size 5. White/ Black. Standard size and weight.
    350 THB

  • 150เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    S4V ,PVC football,size4 . White/ Black. Standard size and weight.
    350 THB

  • 79เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    FA-570, Orange/White. PVC football.
    480 THB

  • 88เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    S5-VCLW-3 Molten football. White/ Red/ Gray.
    290 THB

  • 52เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    F5 VCL-CLWเบอร์ 5 Molten football. White/Black / Gray.
    290 THB

  • 51เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    Molten football,size 5 . Yellow/Black.
    290 THB

  • 45เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    #S3V SKA, Mixed color. Molten football "Out of order"


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