•PU Super Soft with Microfiber

•PU Leather Cover

•Synthetic Leather Cover




  • 163เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    MVA200 •FIVB APPROVED •TOP LEVEL MIKASA •FIVB OFFICAL GAME BALL •PU Super Softwith Microfiber ( Double Dimple Surface ) •Embossed & Dimple Surface &bul...
    2,400 THB

  • 59เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    MVA300 •Pro Model •PU Super Softwith Microfiber •Single Dimple Surface, soft and light. •Volleyball Thai league2009 - 2012 •Blue / Yellow •Standard si...
    1,100 THB

  • 126เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    MVA310 •Deluxe Competition Performance •PU Super Soft •Flat cover. •Blue /Yellow •Standard size and weight. Size: 5
    990 THB

  • 58เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    MVA330 •Competition Performance •PU Leather Cover •Flatcover and soft leather. •Blue /Yellow •Standard size and weight. Size: 5
    795 THB

  • 128เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    MVA390 •Synthetic Leather Cover. •Blue / Yellow •Standard size and weight. Size: 5
    450 THB

  • 61เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    V5VC ,PVC Volleyball, Waterproof, Color : White/Yellow/Blue Size5, 18panel. Standard size and weight.
    290 THB

  • 73เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    Volleyball, special order by S.K.A.Sports withthe best price.
    229 THB


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