•Hand cross stitched.

•High quality PU leather

•PU Delux Quality Synthetic Leather

•TPU, soft leather




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    FL450 •Hand cross stitchedPU leather. •Durable and soft touch. •Standard size and weight. Size : -
    850 THB

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    SWL62 •FIFA APPROVED •PU Delux Quality Synthetic Leather •SEA Games24th andJapan futsal( F.League ) •Black /White •Standard size and weight. Size : 3.5
    1,050 THB

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    SWL62U •PU Delux Quality Synthetic Leather •Black /White •Standard size and weight. Size: 3.5
    590 THB

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    FSC62-Yellow •TPU, soft touch. •Blue / Yellow •Standard size and weight Size: 3.5
    620 THB

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    FSC62-White •TPU , soft touch. •Gray-Black / White •Standard size and weight. Size: 3.5
    620 THB

  • 145เฟรมUntitled-1_edited-1.jpg
    FSC64 • TPU, soft touch. •Black-Red / White •Standard size and weight. Size: -
    620 THB

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    •Hand stitched PVC Futsal •PVC ,waterproof

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    Futsal, special order by S.K.A. Sports withthe best price. "Out of order"


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