Slimming Suit S.K.A

Proportional the body to the perfect shape.

  • Waist Belt
  • Waist Trimmer
  • Revolutionary Slimming Suit




  • bเฟรมUntitled-1.jpg
    Waist Belt S.K.A Help to tighten waist and back. Madefrom high quality stretched fabric.
    590 THB

  • cเฟรมUntitled-1.jpg
    Revolutionary Slimming SuitS.K.A Proportionalthe bodyto the perfect shape such as: Chest Abdominal Thigh Arms
    490 THB

  • dเฟรมUntitled-1.jpg
    WaistTrimmer S.K.A Help to tighten part of waist. Madefrom high quality stretched fabric.
    129 THB


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